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Laser$ - The Book

Your Complete Guide on How to Generate Revenue & Profit With Your Cosmetic Laser.

You get a fresh new idea on every page on how to be more financially successful with your cosmetic laser. It's the first book available that was written with one sole objective: to help you succeed with your laser (s). if you don't pay for the cost of the book many times over, we will refund your money, no questions asked!

Laser Sales Increase Campaign

Take advantage of our 90-day laser marketing campaign to sharply increase the revenue and profits generated by your lasers!

We guarantee we can help you to increase laser revenue up to 10 times (monthly compared to the same month prior year) from what you are generating now. We work with all brands of lasers, from the most well known brands to the least.
We deliver a multi-channel sales and marketing program that works every time!

Laser News

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We stay abreast of EVERYTHING laser and will help you do the same.

Laser Buyer / Seller Agent

Looking to purchase a new or pre owned laser? We have contacts at every single laser manufacturer, dealer, and broker in the US and Canada. We know who you can trust and we will work with you every step of the process to guarantee your satisfaction. Think of us as the Angie’s List of cosmetic lasers!

Looking to sell a laser that you currently own? We have a US and International network of brokers, dealers, and physicians who are always looking to purchase pre owned lasers and cosmetic technology. Send us photos and specs on what you are trying to sell and we will get you offers!

Are you ready to start increasing the sales, the profit, and what you personally earn from generated by your cosmetic lasers?
If you answer yes to this question, then join The Laser Club today!
With your Laser Club Membership we will work with you hand in hand to teach you, and to guide you to experience rapid growth in sales and profits generated by your cosmetic laser(s).

Membership Fee $99 Per Month

(month to month  / cancel anytime for any reason)

What do you receive when you join The Laser Club?

  • An electronic copy of the book “Laser$ – Your Guide to Generating Revenue & Profit With your Cosmetic Laser”
  • A once per month Profit and Loss Statement on each laser that you own.  You provide the raw data, we deliver the P/L reports. Great tool to help you understand how to achieve your financial goals!
  • Twice a week informational emails detailing ideas and tips to execute to help you increase your laser revenue and profit
  • One per month video conference with your laser sales increase account manager to review progress in achieving our laser sales and profit goals and to implement plans to continue to strive to reach them.
  • Access anytime during normal business hours via phone, text, email, mobile app, to your personal laser sales increase manager.  They are available to you anytime to help you with anything to do with your laser! Consider us your personal laser geek on call!