Focus Laser Marketing was founded in January 2013 at the request of my clients. They were searching for assistance in creating a profitable business model with their investments in cosmetic lasers. And in an industry where the marketing support that the laser manufactures provide is often lacking, we can be a big help.

And almost 7 years after our founding, clients are still coming to us practically every day, asking for that same assistance!

There seems to be two main reasons to purchase and own a cosmetic laser.

Reason #1 – to deliver excellent clinical outcomes – results that create happy and loyal patients who become ambassadors for your practice and refer their family, friends, and colleagues.

Reason #2 – to make money. More specifically – to generate robust revenue, profit, ROI for the lasers you own and have substantial investments in.

There are numerous books written on the subject of addressing reason #1, creating excellent clinical outcomes with cosmetic lasers. My personal favorite is “Lasers and Lights” by George J. Hruza, M.D. and Elizabeth L. Tanzi, M.D.

How many publications can you find that provide definitive guidelines and assistance for executing a successful business model for owning cosmetic lasers – for generating a robust ROI and profit from your lasers? Answer: none that we can find.

This is the need that Focus Laser Marketing fills. We have comprehensive services for you to choose from; all with the same purpose – help you to be clinically and financially successful with your cosmetic lasers. We are a team of accountants, marketing experts, graphic designers, clinical and sales trainers; basically all the talent you need to succeed with your cosmetic lasers.

We recently expanded with our entire Million Dollar Laser line of laser marketing and revenue growth services. Visit to learn more!

Feel free to peruse our sites, and if you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call. If it has to do with making money with cosmetic lasers and cosmetic technology, we would love the opportunity to help you. We are photon geeks who love to help our clients make $!

All the best,

Richard Greg Kile, MBA

A little about me….30+ year career in cosmetic and medical device industries. 6 years at Revlon (sales rep and manager), 12 years at Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon Endo Surgery in clinical training, sales and marketing management), 5 years at Sciton (area sales manager), 7 years as cosmetic laser independent distributor. I’ve worked with and helped clients be successful with nearly all laser brands and virtually all cosmetic laser wavelengths.
BS in Business Administration (University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill), MBA in marketing and finance (Xavier University).