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Laser Profit Growth Program


Excellent 3-month program to increase the profits generated by your cosmetic lasers. We conduct a comprehensive assessment, create a laser profit growth business plan, and measure your success for the entire length of the campaign.



A comprehensive assessment is made of the financial condition of your cosmetic laser business model

• Profit/Loss and Cash Flow Analysis, Cost of Ownership
o Laser Technology Mix Assessment
o Laser Marketing – Internal, External, Digital, Point of Sale
o Staff Training (Clinical and Laser Patient Education and Consultations)
• A laser profit growth business plan is provided to you – your roadmap of exactly what steps to execute to achieve your laser financial goals
o Comprehensive written laser business profit growth plan
o Calendar of laser marketing, patient education, staff training actions

• We measure your success for 90 days from program inception. We help you adjust your executional strategy to stay the course to success
o Monthly P/L, cash flow statements for each laser you own
o Guidance on increasing laser profits (growing revenue, decreasing expenses)