• You must own or utilize a cosmetic laser to join

• Why Should I Join The Club?

• Club members are given the resources and the assistance to guarantee increases in laser revenue and profits from the cosmetic laser (s) that they own or operate.

Upon joining – you receive:

• A complete financial analysis (and written report) of your cosmetic laser business model

• We review everything in your laser business model to learn where you are currently, so we can develop a plan to help you.

• Your laser marketing (online, digital, print, etc.)

• Clinical menu of laser treatments offered

• Laser training certifications

• Clinical protocols

• Your laser make and model

• Laser maintenance and repair reports

• We review everything to understand your cosmetic laser business model so we can establish a plan to help you increase your laser revenue and profits.

• We create a written report of our findings with recommendations for generating more revenue and profit.

• A monthly profit/loss (P/L) statement on the financial performance of their cosmetic laser (limit 2 lasers per month per membership) .

• We guarantee the cost of your Cosmetic Laser Club monthly membership will be paid back every month or your money back. You can cancel anytime for any reason.

• Video conference – monthly to discuss revenue and profit with your laser (s) and develop strategy to grow

• Review (monthly)of point of sale (POS) and digital marketing assets being used to measure effectiveness to educate patients on benefits of cosmetic laser treatments and book sales. Make recommendations for improvements where needed.

• Emails – receive two per week – providing ideas, education, information on how to execute programs to grow laser revenue and profit.

• Ongoing support – access to “the laser genius” resources via phone, text, mobile app, and email – resources to assist in client’s laser revenue and profit growth

If you have any questions about the value we bring, please give us a call! We would love to have you join the Cosmetic Laser Club!

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